Maureen Barry

Maureen Barry

Founding Member

Maureen has ten years experience in instruction, research, and outreach in the academic library setting, and two years of marketing experience. Maureen is currently the First Year Experience Librarian at Wright State University, is a Founding Member of Fifth Street Brewpub, and serves as Membership Director for the Board of Directors. She is the liaison between membership and the Board of Directors, and handles communication with member-owners, manages all email and social media inquiries, and coordinates the Members’ Assembly each year. Maureen also serves on the marketing team and special events committee. Since moving to St. Anne’s Hill in 2007, she has been an active member of the community because she believes that communities are only as strong as their citizens. Maureen was the key force in recruiting members since the day the co-op was incorporated with the State. She processed memberships and managed the database for the first year before the FSB staff took over. As a founding member, Maureen has been involved in nearly every aspect of getting the brewpub up and running.


Tony Clark

Founding Member and Board of Directors President

Tony has six years experience as an attorney, and currently works for the United States Air Force where he is in charge of negotiating contracts for major weapons systems. He is a Founding Member of Fifth Street Brewpub and currently serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors. Tony also serves as Chair of the Community Development, Human Resources & Compensation, Legal, and Operations Committees. Since moving to St. Anne’s Hill in 2009, Tony has been active in rehabbing both St. Anne’s Hill and the Huffman Historic Districts. Within the two districts, he has purchased and restored or updated nine homes. Most were abandoned properties in dire need of attention and upkeep. Tony was an initial investor in the 1600 Group, LLC and currently serves as the in-house legal counsel for the FSB. He was instrumental in raising over $250K in capital to fund the startup of the Brewpub as well as drafting the Corporate Bylaws and governing documents. Tony’s passion to create a vibrant inner-East Dayton neighborhood has guided his vision of Fifth Street Brewpub.


Bill Daniels

Founding Member

Bill has been an entrepreneur and restaurateur for most of his life, and currently owns South Park Tavern as well as Dayton’s Original Pizza Factory. Bill’s experience is a huge asset on both the restaurant and the brewing side of Fifth Street Brewpub. His passion for craft beer started several years ago when he started home brewing and launched a home-brew supply store called Gem City Home Brewing. Bill’s South Park Tavern has the distinction of a world-class beer-bar rating from the prestigious Beer Advocate, and is currently the highest rated beer-bar in Dayton, Columbus, or Cincinnati. He hopes to help us pursue excellence while contributing to the success of another world-class small business in one of Dayton’s best neighborhoods, St. Anne’s Hill.


Tobin Denney

Founding Member and Board of Directors Member

Tobin has thirty-two years of engineering experience with the United States Air Force, and has been involved with historic renovation within Dayton and the St. Anne’s Hill Historic community for thirty years. He is currently the Lead Flight Systems Engineer for an F-15 Foreign Military Sales Development Effort at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, is a Founding Member of Fifth Street Brewpub, and is a member of the Board of Directors managing all aspects of the FSB buildout, to include brew house, brewpub, courtyard, and other site improvements. Tobin has always been active in the community. He has renovated more than five properties within the St. Anne’s Hill neighborhood, and has lived in that community for thirty years. He has volunteered extensively within the community and the City of Dayton. He served on the City’s Board of Zoning Appeals in the 1990s, and has been active in the many neighborhood projects sponsored by the St. Anne’s Hill Historic District. Tobin’s involvement with Fifth Street Brewpub began with the 1600 Group, LLC. Like many others in the group, he was dedicated to transitioning the dilapidated commercial structure into a creative usable building. Tobin is passionate about the community’s progress and relationships being made as a result of the co-op’s development.


Joe Dierkers

Founding Member

Joe is a Commercial/Investment Real Estate Broker, having been first licensed in 1971. His real estate career has included owning his own appraisal firm, building a brokerage operation from the ground up for a local financial institution into a multi-office company of over 80 agents, and rehabbing more than 50 properties in and around Dayton. Since leaving the appraisal field in 1982, Joe has sold or leased 42 food service properties totaling over $9,000,000. He has served as an adjunct instructor at Sinclair Community College since 1979, and for the last twenty years he has been Sinclair’s only instructor of Intro to Real Estate Investment as well as a Capstone Seminar for students preparing to graduate with a degree in Real Estate. Joe, along with Brian Young, is one of the co-managing members of The 1600 Group, LLC, which owns the building at 1600 E. 5th Street. Joe’s primary responsibility to the LLC has been organizing and overseeing the renovation of the building.


Jeff Thomas

Founding Member

Jeff has owned and operated small businesses for more than twenty years. He founded Sports Buff Inc., his first marketing and promotions business, in 1993 and sold it in 1999. He has executed promotions, developed websites, structured deals, and negotiated contracts with hundreds of media partners and brands, including USA TODAY, MillerCoors, Tribune Company, Cox Communications, Knight-Ridder, and Fox Sports. Jeff’s passion for craft beer drives him to visit many craft breweries while traveling for business. In fact, it was on a trip to Austin, Texas that included a stop at Black Star Co-op Brewery to sample their beer where he became intrigued by the co-op brewery concept. After reading the membership brochure, testing a few brews, and asking several questions, he called long-time friend Brian Young to say, “you just might want to consider a co-op business model for your pub.” And the rest is history…


Brian Young

Founding Member

Brian has twenty-five years of sales and marketing experience in the food and beverage industry, and is currently the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Dominion Liquid Technologies in Cincinnati, Ohio. Brian is a Founding Member of Fifth Street Brewpub and serves as the President of the Board of Directors. He has always been active in the community. His neighborhood leadership experience began when he served as President of his condo association in Chicago. Since 2007, he has worked on several large projects on behalf of St. Anne’s Hill Historic Society including leading the effort to fix sidewalks “on the hill” and securing $8,000 in sponsorships for the biannual “Dickens of a Christmas Tour” fundraiser. Brian is the co-managing member of the 1600 Group, LLC, where he and co-manager, Joseph Dierkers, recruited thirty-two investors to renovate the building in which our co-op is housed. Brian’s passion for craft beer and community involvement led him to spearhead Fifth Street Brewpub.