The Brew House

  • Darren and Robert hard at work on a new FSB creation.
  • FSB's first flight brewed in our Brew House
  • George and Darren refining a new FSB recipe!
  • Fifth Street Brewpub Brewmaster Darren Link hard at work creating unique beer recipes for our patrons. Whether it be traditional or highly experimental, Darren strives for the highest quality possible for all of Fifth Street Brewpub's products.

Fifth Street Brew House


Located just across the biergarten from the brewpub, at the former 1604 East Fifth Street address, is the FSB brewhouse, a 150-year-old shotgun-style duplex. The building was completely gutted, down to the studs, and the floorboards were eventually refurbished for the bar top in the brewpub.

After much wok was done to reinforce the bones of the structure, a trench drain was installed and a new concrete floor was poured. Because it was originally built with a stone foundation the concrete had to be poured with a curb that tied it into the existing foundation. Now structurally sound and upgraded, the brewhouse is a functioning manufacturing facility.


The brewing system is a seven-barrel brewhouse fabricated by Premier Stainless Systems based out of Escondido, California.


A typical day of brewing begins with water, which is filtered for sediment and carbon and  ran through a reverse osmosis membrane that is collected and then heated.

Whole malted barley, along with other malts, are poured into the grain mill, which breaks open the malt without pulverizing it. The malts then travel through an auger, hydrate with the hot water, and steep in the mash tun. After the protein from the malt is converted to sugar, the liquid, now called wort, is drained from the grain into the brew kettle while being rinsed with more hot water. Once a certain volume of wort is reached, it is brought to a boil. Hops are added during this point in the process to provide bitterness, flavor, and aroma.

When the boil is finished, the wort is run through a heat exchanger and into one of four glycol temperature controlled fermenters.

After one of two house-strain yeasts ferment the sugar into alcohol, the beer is then transferred to one of five brite tanks that reside in the cooler behind the bar. The beer is then carbonated and served directly from the brite tanks.

Fifth Street Brewpub is one of the only breweries in Dayton to use this method.


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