FSB Beers

Our Journey Has Just Begun…

You will find a wide array of beers on tap at any given time of the year at FSB. From styles steeped in tradition to boundary-pushing techniques and ingredient combinations. Rest assured, all FSB beers will be brewed with the highest quality ingredients and held to strict quality control standards. Whether you’re new to craft beer or a seasoned beer geek, we have a beer for you.



Cure All Cream Ale

Cure-All Cream Ale 4.8% ABV

Pleasant to drink and magical in its effects! Dr. Darren’s homespun Cure-All Cream Ale will soothe your session-able cream ale needs…and most anything else that “ales” you! Light, clean, crisp, and refreshing, this traditional cream ale was crafted using the best corn and rice. Low in alcohol; little to no hoppiness. This “cure-all” relieves your thirst INSTANTANEOUSLY! 100% Guaranteed.

Brewed March through October.

1600 Kolsch

1600 Kölsch 5.0% ABV

FSB’s take on a classic German style beer brewed in honor of the 1600 Group, the community-minded neighbors who united to buy the building that would become Fifth Street Brewpub. They helped make all this possible. It is widely accepted among beer aficionados that the Kölsch was Germany’s answer to the English pale ale. The subtle effervescent fruitiness and mild hop bitterness hovers happily on the palette, and pairs perfectly with fish and light dinners, but just like an IPA or Pilsner, it holds up well with grilled meats and sandwiches. The crisp clean finish makes 1600 Kölsch a naturally great session beer. 1600 Kölsch is incredibly flavorful, and at 5.0% ABV, it’s almost impossible to drink just one.

Brewed November through February.

Deluge Pale Ale

Deluge Pale Ale 5.4% ABV

Brewed during a raging thunderstorm. Infused with a downpour of flavor! Deluge comes to your rescue with a superb balance of hops and malts, finishing with strategically added Columbus hops to bring this beer home and safe…but never dry! An old school pale ale created by a modern master.

Brewed all year.

Icebreaker IPA

Icebreaker IPA 7.2% ABV

Ahhh, the ice cube tray. An invention out of Dayton, Ohio by a man named Arthur Frei who had a thirst for knowledge. Our Icebreaker will satisfy your thirst with its no holds barred, full court assault on your India Pale Ale senses. As all “connoisseurs of the hop” will expect, this beer is armed with a strong backbone, an aggressively hopped and full-bodied American IPA. Citrus, grapefruit, and resin will hit you first, and a nice hoppy aroma will linger in the nose. Icebreaker is gentle…yet not afraid to crack you squarely in the taste bud!

Brewed all year.

85 Shilling Scottish Ale

85 Shilling Scottish Ale 5.0% ABV

Why “85 Shilling” you may ask? Well, back in “olde” Scotland, ales cost 60, 70, 80, and 90 shillings. The more expensive the ingredients, the greater the cost. You’ll find our version of this classic to be always toasty, always rich, and yes, caramel-ly! The secret: Imported Scottish yeast. And for those of you taking notes, it’s the higher finishing gravity that brings a classic toffee and caramel sweetness…which all great Scottish ales are famous for. So while we think our version is worth 85 shillings, we won’t charge a shilling over 80. Honest.

Brewed throughout most of the year.


Scottish Reign Wee Heavy 9.3% ABV

Feeling noble? Then warm up with a sophisticated FSB Scottish Wee Heavy. Brewed using the already popular 85 Shilling Scottish Ale recipe, FSB has created a hearty 9% ABV Scottish Wee Heavy. Take your time, because there’s a lot to explore in this mahogany colored complex ale. Beautiful to look at, enticing to smell. This traditional strong ale delivers the flavor of sweet caramel with subtle fruity notes held together by rich roasted malts and finishes with a full-bodied yet sophisticated mouthfeel. This big beer guarantees warmth, so if you’re one of those individuals who wears their kilt “properly”, then this Wee Heavy will deliver a welcome drinking experience on those drafty Highland nights. Scottish Reign Wee Heavy is intense, smooth, balanced, and yes we’ll say it, worthy of a king.

Brewed December through February.

Jo Jo’s Midnight Stout

Jo Jo’s Midnight Stout 6.8% ABV

Don’t be afraid of the dark! This stout pays homage to JoJo’s Café, housed in your brewpub from 1937 – 1996. An unsubstantiated rumor has it that JoJo, along with a few former JoJo’s Café regulars, still haunt our humble pub…mostly around midnight, of course. This mysterious stout is black as, well, midnight. A little smokiness adds depth to the espresso, lactose, and milk chocolate that already inhabit this light engulfing beer. The 7.2% ABV assures that warmth and subtle sweetness will reward your taste buds and guide them safely on their happy journey.

Brewed throughout most of the year.




180g Belgian Ale 5.5% ABV

Starring the Newest Hop Rock-Star Pekko! In collaboration with Yellow Springs Brewery and to commemorate National Record Store Day, FSB has released 180g Belgian Ale. This beer is brewed with the aromatic Pekko hop. Clean tasting notes of floral, citrus, and mint are balanced with a crisp mouthfeel. Weighing in at 5.5% ABV, FSB 180g is highly drinkable.

This beer is named for the 180 gram weight of a hi-fidelity vinyl record, a weight thought by many audiophiles to be the quality standard in LP’s.

Spring 2016 Collaboration with Yellow Springs Brewery.

Almost Summer Pale Ale 5.5% ABV

Rise & shine summer beer aficionados! The “summer” hops in Almost Summer Pale Ale are the stars of this new brew from FSB. Now, if those bright hop notes of apricot, melon, and stone fruit aren’t quite enough for you, we have added Pilsner malt for a crisp clean mouth feel. And to finish brewing Almost Summer, a precisely measured amount of caramel malt was added for some sunny sweetness…so, don’t forget the sunscreen!

Spring 2015 release.

Baie Rose Belgian Saison  6.5% ABV

A special “one-off” small batch summer release!

The Baie Rose is a dried fruit from the Peruvian peppertree shrub and is Latin for pink peppercorn. Although technically not a true peppercorn, the spice character of FSB’s Baie Rose Saison perfectly compliments the grassy Belgian yeast and kicks the fruity aroma up a notch. The 6.5% ABV is well disguised by the crisp mouthfeel. Sunshine in a glass!

Baie Rose Saison pairs nicely with summer dishes and salads in the FSB biergarten. This is a must-try beer and only available while the supply lasts. Don’t miss it!

Small Batch August 2015 limited release.

Carnivore No. 1 English Mild  3.5% ABV

Rise and shine craft beer and breakfast lovers! Our fearless Brewmaster and amateur lion tamer went whole hog with the recipe for Carnivore No. 1! This is a brave take on an English Mild: a hint of maple syrup and bacon. But fear not! This dark beer does not bite. The bacon and maple syrup flavors work well together and culminate with a pleasing malty finish. Sure Carnivore No. 1 is daring to make, but at a mere 3.5% ABV you can easily drink a couple of these critters and not worry about getting lost in the jungle…so to speak.

May 2015 American Craft Beer Week release. This is the first in an ongoing series.

Coco Jo Jos

Coco Jo Jo’s Stout 7.2% ABV

We have aged our FSB Jo Jo’s Midnight Stout on a generous helping of cacao nibs to produce this unique twist on our classic stout.

Special November 2014 limited release.


Cup O’ Jo Jo’s Stout 7.2% ABV

Brewed for Big Beer & Barley Wine’s 2014 event. A unique combination of FSB’s Jo Jo’s Midnight Stout and Ghostlight Coffee’s Ethiopian coffee.

Special release for Big Beers & Barley Wines 2014. Cup O’ Jo Jo’s Stout represented FSB at the Beer! A Celebration of Dayton Brewing event on Friday, December 19th 2014 and won Dayton’s Best Brewery – People’s Choice Awards 2014!

Dandelion Belgian Saison 5.5% ABV

You might hate ‘em in your yard, but you’ll love ‘em in your beer!  The spirit of homebrewing and craft beer come to life in FSB member-owner Tom Morgan’s, award-winning Dandelion Saison. In collaboration with FSB Brewmaster Darren Link, Tom’s Belgian style Saison will be brewed with (you guessed it) organic dandelion greens added throughout the boil. Dandelion Saison will be the inaugural of the first beer brewed by a winner of FSB’s first Member Homebrew Competition.

Brewmaster’s Choice Award of the first annual Fifth Street Brewpub Member Homebrew Competition! June 2015 release.


Definitely Frances v1.2 Double IPA 9.0% ABV

You definitely want to meet this new kid on the block…Definitely Frances Double IPA ~ Version 1.2 is the first in a new series of DIPA’s to be brewed twice a year by FSB Brewmaster aka Frances’ father, Mr. Darren Link.

Let there be no doubt that at 100 IBU’s and 9.0% ABV, Definitely Frances DIPA will wake up your taste buds and ignite your imagination! Citrus and fruity flavors are loaded upfront, and for you beer geeks, Definitely Frances combines Citra hops with the aromatic New Zealand Motueka hops and lots of base malts and then finally topped off with a sprinkle of flaked rye. The aroma of nectar fruits coming off this DIPA is amazing and definitely integral to the tasting experience.

Special January 2016 release.

DryRish Dry Irish Stout 5.0% ABV

Staying true to Ireland’s most popular and well-known beer style, DryRish is a dark, medium bodied Irish dry stout. Roastiness is imparted by a generous helping of roasted barley and the smooth mouthfeel and clean dry finish makes this stout highly drinkable year round.

Special August 2015 release.

Euro Sipper Belgian Pale Ale 6.7% ABV

Take a trip to Belgium without ever leaving your seat! FSB Euro Sipper Belgian Pale Ale delivers classic Belgian-style spice and sweetness highlighted by Antwerp ale yeast. Malt overtones and a hint of highly aromatic noble hops from neighboring Germany add balance to this most royal of beers. This recipe was first brewed by FSB member-owner, and DRAFT member, Eric Dye, and was selected for the Best of Show table in the 2015 DRAFT Brewfest Homebrew Competition.

Special January 2016 release.


Fifth Street Octoberfestbier 5.5% ABV

A classic German seasonal beer! Once upon a time in Germany, back before refrigeration, Oktoberfest beers were brewed in early spring and held in the cold storage of winter’s ice until summer’s end. FSB Brewmeister Darren Link has used Pilsner, Vienna and sweet Caramunich malts to brew Fifth Street Oktoberfestbier. The spot-on copper color signals you’re going to taste hints of caramel, a mild hop profile and malt driven goodness that is all balanced by a lively clean mouthfeel.

Grab a stein (or pint) of Fifth Street Oktoberfestbier and park your dirndl or lederhosen in a comfy spot in the FSB biergarten! This one’s worth celebrating! Prost meine Damen und Herren!

Fuggin’ Special Bitter 6.0% ABV

FSB..ESB…what is it with all these Fuggin’ letters? Fuggin’ Special Bitter honors the tradition of those champion ESB’s (Extra Special Bit­ter) of Great Britain with the use of classic U.K. fuggle (pronounced FUG-el) hops. The rich caramel color immediately tells you that this is indeed a “special” ale. Earthy and mellow. Toasty and fruity. Any bitterness is smartly balanced by a smooth malt finish. Just like the wildly popular ESB pub staples in England, Fuggin’ Special Bitter pairs perfectly with the lively conversation and fellowship you will find in our very own brewpub. NOTE: This Fuggin’ recipe is a collaboration between FSB Brewmaster Darren Link and fellow FSB member-owner Pat Santucci, which demonstrates the power of fellowship this ale has inspired in beer drinkers for centuries. Cheers!

May 2015 American Craft Beer Week release.

Garden Station Summer Ale 8.0% ABV

FSB’s Garden Station Summer Ale is a beautiful Imperial “Blonde” Ale that shows its true color! Born a blonde, Garden Station Summer Ale picked up a few blackberries along the way, giving it a light purple tint. But the blackberries didn’t just alter this blonde’s color. They also give the blonde base a slight tartness and compliment the Pilsner and Vienna malts. Infused with lemon balm from Dayton’s popular art park and community garden, Garden Station, Garden Station Summer Ale finishes with a light citrus taste and aroma. Coming in at 8% ABV, this Imperial “Blonde-in-disguise” is meant to be enjoyed and respected.

On a side note, FSB’s Garden Station Summer Ale was brewed in collaboration with Toxic Brew Company who’s own version is called Neighbors Gifts Brown Ale – available for a limited time. Try both and compare notes!

August 2015 Collaboration with Toxic Brew Company and Garden Station.


Herbivore No. 1 Pale Ale 6.0% ABV

Listen… Do you want to know a secret? Herbivore No. 1 is not only a “Brewmaster Darren Link original recipe” from his early home brew days, but it’s also one of his favorites as well. These days, he brews on a slightly grander scale, so it’s only appropriate that he bring this favorite to FSB as a first in a series of signature beers created with a secret flavor-driving herb known only to him and a hand-full of highly-trained tasters. And they’re not saying anything to anyone. This secret garden of quality ingredients also includes a local wildflower honey and a perfectly balanced combination of malts and crisp hops. If you can guess which herb is in Herbivore No. 1 your server might just reward you with a special prize…or at the very least you might get a pat on the back from our very own herb obsessed Brewmaster.

Special October 2014 release. This is the first in a 5 part series.


Herbivore No. 2 American Wheat 5.5% ABV

The brewer & keeper of the Herbivore secret speaks! When asked to describe the second beer in the FSB Herbivore series, Brewmaster Link enthusiastically declared, “REFRESHING!” Just like last year’s groundbreaking Herbivore No. 1, the special herbs brewed into Herbivore No. 2 are a secret. When pressed to describe more about the beer, Darren said, “Well…H2 is built on an American wheat malt base with subtle spice and citrus notes that come from the two secret ingredients.” Hmmm, and what are the secret ingredients? Sorry, you’re gonna have to taste Herbivore No. 2 to try and find out. And even if you do discover the truth of H2’s refreshing secret you might want to keep exploring through several pints (or more) to truly unearth all this pale ale has to offer!

Spring 2015 release. This is the second in a 5 part series.

Herbivore No. 3 Belgian Pale Ale

The newest edition to FSB Brewmaster Darren Link’s Herbivore series! Classic Belgian Pale Ales are traditionally noted for their delicate Hop finish. Upon your first taste, that is probably how you will describe Herbivore No. 3. However, as a discerning FSB patron, you’ll realize after another taste, that you’re actually tasting the beautiful essence of Sage. FSB Brewmaster Darren Link has used over 5 pounds of fresh Sage leaves to give this beer an earthy, savory aroma and a nice piney flavor. Brewed with the trifecta of Pilsner, Vienna and Honey malts, Herbivore No. 3 is soft, toasty, with light honey notes and all complimented by the character of Belgian floral yeast. The “Sage” of the BPA has arrived at Fifth Street Brewpub!

October 2015 release. This is the third in a 5 part series.

Home Brew Radio Session IPA 4.5% ABV

Can you say Ham-ven-tion? Over? Hamvention is almost as synonymous to Dayton as those two guys and that historic airplane invention we’ve heard so much about. Home Brew Radio Session IPA was brewed in honor of the loyal “Hamventioneers” who come to our fair city each year to celebrate everything Amateur Radio has to offer. Home Brew Radio Session IPA has a lot to say about flavor! Right up front you’ll be squarely hit with beautiful fresh citrusy hops followed by a nice bitter bite…no static at all! Consider your palette cleansed. This bright gold IPA pairs well with just about any food, is a real thirst quencher and is highly sessionable at 4.5% ABV. Home Brew Radio Session IPA… May your signal always be clear!

May 2015 American Craft Beer Week release.


Irish Red Ale 5.0% ABV

Invest today in a Fifth Street Brewpub IRA! Hold on! That’s I.R.A. as in Irish Red Ale! This FSB Irish Red is brewed with the same devotion (and classic recipe) as the legendary Irish Red ales of Kilkenny and Wexford. Young Brewmaster Darren O’Link has captured the distinctive Irish red flavor profile…to perfection. Irish Red is a tiny bit sweet with a rich malty mouthfeel and is perfectly balanced by a clean UK hop character. Invest a bit more time and see if you can pick up the slight caramel notes in the finish because this ale is more complex than the drinkable 5.0% ABV might suggest. Irish Red is an investment you’ll keep returning to!

2015 St. Paddy’s Day Party release on March 14th.


Liquid Mistletoe Winter Warmer Ale 6.0% ABV

All the joys of the season…served up in liquid form. Our very own George Shaw came up with this holiday recipe and after one drink his friend Mike Colvin declared it Liquid Mistletoe! Like most Winter Warmers, Liquid Mistletoe is attractive to all beer drinkers. The smell of cinnamon and sweet orange peel arrives just before they ultimately soothe your taste palette. A hearty malt backbone and cardamom spice embraces you with subtle warmth. It’s complex and luxurious…but not demanding. Liquid Mistletoe is just the kind of ale to keep your taste buds satisfied on a cold winter night this holiday. Enjoy a pint of Liquid Mistletoe while standing under the mistletoe…you might be surprised by what will happen.

Special 2014 Holiday release. Brewed November and December.

Maybe Ramona Brown Ale

Maybe Ramona Brown Ale 5.0% ABV

When our brewmaster found out he was expecting his first child, the name Ramona was in the running, and hence, Maybe Ramona was born! This traditional English brown ale is rich with fresh roasted flavor delivered with each drink. Seek and you will find hints of coffee and chocolate, just the way baby Ramona may like it…someday.

Special 2014 release celebrating the opening of our Brew House.


Mint Cookie Stout 7.0% ABV

Just in time for the holidays…our new FSB Mint Cookie Stout is a winner!  Through their
innovative Mint Cookie recipe, your fellow member-owners, Niall Foster and Jim Witmer won the overall 2015 FSB Member Homebrew Competition and took this American Stout to a higher level. It’s already a proven winner! Pleasing notes of chocolate and mint headline the flavor profile as well as “a strong cookie vibe” that is sure to please this holiday season. Join us and support your talented member-owner homebrewers Niall and Jim and judge this great holiday beer for yourself!

Special 2015 Holiday release.


RyRish Dry Irish Stout 5.0% ABV

“Ladies and gentlemen! In this corner, and weighing in at 5.0% ABV… (Raucous applause!) It’s RyRish!”

Drawing on inspiration from the Emerald Isle this new FSB beer stays true to Irish tradition. Just like those great dry stouts from the homeland, RyRish is dark and roasty with a lean medium body. BUT! Don’t be fooled! This beer packs a powerful flavor punch that is highlighted by a deep rye maltiness…and rest assured…the rye presence is perfectly balanced in it’s spiciness. At the finish, RyRish offers a remarkably light body and smooth mouthfeel. Bottom line: Highly drinkable. Step into the ring or belly up to the bar. You can easily go a couple rounds with this classic dry stout.

Released on February 21st.


Saphire 1PA

YOU be the judge! No, this isn’t a typo…1 “P” is all you need. Named for the legendary UD law professor, Rich Saphire, Saphire 1PA is a Double IPA brewed in that classic citrusy West-coast style using hops from Rich’s beloved stomping ground of San Diego. Easy to mispronounce, maybe, but it’s also easy to drink. Refreshing with a bitter bite, Saphire 1PA finishes with a delicate sweet malt finish…but only after your taste buds recover from the hops! Much like Rich Saphire, the tenured high ABV makes a strong case and commands respect. Already affectionately known as “1P” around the brewpub, Saphire 1PA awaits your judgment!

Special January 2015 release inspired by Brite Tank Sponsor Tom Jonak.

Señorita Ramona Brown Ale 5.0% ABV

Señorita Ramona –– much more daring than her sister. FSB’s seasonal Maybe Ramona Traditional English Brown Ale is packed with roasty flavors, but Señorita Ramona kicks it up a notch by adding a healthy dose of cold brewed Guatemalan coffee. With this latest FSB beer, Brewmaster Darren Link brings forth the smooth coffee component without sacrificing any traditional flavors, including the subtle notes of chocolate that made her sister, Maybe Ramona, so very popular. Señorita Ramona’s hop profile remains low but her drinkability is high. And just like her sister, we expect Señorita Ramona to make quite an impression.

2015 release.


Smoked Frau Blücher! Oktoberfest 5.0% ABV

Did somebody say “Frau Blücher?” (Neighhh!) Enthusiastic movie buff and FSB brewmeister, Herr Darren Link, is giddy to introduce this Young Frankenstein-inspired first-ever FSB small-batch beer! So go ahead and say it…you know you want to! “Smoked Frau Blücher!” (Neighhh!) A traditionally brewed Oktoberfestbier and then, after tireless experimentation, this beer is given new life with a Fifth Street Brewpub-twist of oak smoked wheat. Yeah, we know what you’re thinkin’, Technically this is not a true Märzenbier. However, be assured that the dark copper color promises all the full-bodied, rich, toasty flavors of fall you would expect. With “Smoked Frau Blücher!” (Neighhh!), you get the added bonus of the perfectly balanced taste of oak with a mild hop profile that drinks very easy. Prost meine Damen, Herren…und Pferde! (Translation: Cheers ladies, men and horses …)

Special release celebrating Oktoberfest 2014.

Spiced Belgian Saison 6.0% ABV

FSB’s interpretation of a classic Belgian Saison… When you take some allspice (AKA Jamaica pepper) and ginger, kick in a dash of pink peppercorns and finally add the magic of Belgian yeast, you are rewarded with a Belgian Saison of unique quality. FSB Spiced Belgian Saison has a fruity nose and is a study in balance. When it comes to pairing with food, Saisons are incredibly versatile. Spiced Belgian Saison goes perfectly with everything on our menu, from our popular FSB Salmon B.E.L.T. gourmet sandwich to our traditional Caesar Salad or even one of our decadent desserts. Happiness is a comfy seat in the FSB biergarten under a warm sunny sky while drinking a freshly brewed pint of sunshine called Spiced Belgian Saison.

May 2015 American Craft Beer Week release.

Strike Eagle American Ale 7.8% ABV

Attention taste buds…prepare for battle!! FSB Strike Eagle American Ale is a style all it’s own. Named for the F15 Strike Eagle Fighter Aircraft Unit at WPAB, this FSB original takes flight with three turbulent hops that deliver 95 IBU’s of relentless firepower and a superior malt backbone. This high-performance ale is unfailingly delicious!!

FSB STRIKE EAGLE SPECIFICATIONS: A strong malt coalition of American 2-Row Pale malt, American Caramel 40 malt, American Vienna malt, and British Amber malt joined by a team of Bravo, Horizon & Zythos hops with a sidekick of FSB American house strain yeast. Obviously, this beer is on a mission!

Special collaboration between Member-Owner Marvin Most and Brewmaster Darren Link. Released June 2015.

Tickel Me Hoppy Fresh-Hopped Pale Ale 6.1% ABV

Fresh local hops are nothing to laugh at! Your taste buds will giggle when the fresh hops in Tickel Me Hoppy Fresh-Hopped Pale Ale hit ‘em!

Little Miami Farms in Spring Valley have provided 30 pounds of fresh Cascade hops, Zeus hops and the amazing aromatic alpha Centennial hop. We’re not joking when we say “Fresh”! The hops are harvested right off the vine and dropped in the boil within 24 hours! Brewmaster Darren Link will be tapping this juicy pale ale on September 18th during our first Drink Up Ohio month. Incidentally, Tickel Me Hoppy was named after the always smiling (and sometimes squeezable) FSB General Manager Dave Tickel. Stop in and Dave will pour you a fresh pint of Tickel Me Hoppy that’s guaranteed to make you smile.

September 2015 Drink Up Ohio release.

Up Fifth Creek Wheat Wine 9.0% ABV

And so the story goes… Late one dark, stormy night, FSB Brewmaster Darren Link’s mash paddle broke as he stirred the mash for this big beer. For a few brief moments, Darren found himself “Up Fifth Creek” without a paddle. But ever prepared for any situation, our Brewmaster quickly grabbed his back-up paddle and forged ahead to brew one amazing new beer.

Up Fifth Creek is a big beer with a bold taste brewed to celebrate FSB’s third anniversary. At 9% ABV, it’s a sipper, and just like any good Barleywine, this strong ale has layered complexities that deserve to be discovered and savored. Up Fifth Creek Wheat Wine…a worthy brew dedicated to the amazing member-owners who recognized a world of possibility in our brewpub. Happy anniversary!

June 2015 FSB 3rd Birthday release.